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eGold Becomes Eligible For Institutional Adoption

To efficiently mitigate critical custody risk, organizations such as asset management companies or trading platforms require sophisticated processes to ensure long-term safekeeping, including covering many unexpected scenarios. We’re therefore excited to announce that BitGo will be offering qualified and insured custody services for eGold. This will make the Elrond token eligible for adoption by [...]

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Elrond eGold (EGLD) On eToroX

We’re excited to announce that eGold will join the list of cryptocurrencies available in the eToro ecosystem by listing on eToroX. eToroX is eToro’s professional crypto exchange. Conceived and produced for the corporate and institutional-grade crypto trading community, the eToroX exchange is a highly effective, trusted and secure crypto trading solution. eToro is the [...]

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Stacktical To Deploy Its Decentralized Service Level Agreement Solution On Elrond

Service level agreements (SLAs) are contracts that define the terms and conditions for a provider to deliver services to its customers. They are widely used in the Software as a Service industry, which has reached US$68.2 Billion in the year 2020, and is projected to reach a revised size of US$219.5 Billion by 2027. [...]

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Value-Stable Coin ARTH From MahaDAO Comes To The Elrond Mainnet

The Internet of Money creates opportunities that span multiple national economies, business verticals, and measures of value. DeFi is already prototyping products whose mechanisms will eventually power the future of global finance. It has become the norm for such products to track heterogeneous value as unique stable coins, often pegged to the US dollar. [...]

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DeXe.network Will Use Elrond To Scale & Reduce Costs for Their Asset Management Tool

We’re happy to announce that Elrond technology will be used by DeXe. The autonomous cryptocurrency portfolio environment allows anyone to copy popular traders and share in the success of their trading strategies. The collaboration will work towards integrating the Elrond mainnet with the DeXe network ecosystem. This will allow our partner’s Asset Management component [...]

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Orion Comes to Elrond

Blockchain sits at the bleeding edge of innovation. Rapid innovation cycles breed new product categories, which quickly capture the imagination of participants, only to immediately make room for the next one. Centralized exchanges(CEX) have made a significant contribution in providing liquidity to startups at a much earlier stage than traditional IPOs do. With this [...]

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Bonded Finance Joins The Elrond Ecosystem

We have started working with Bonded Finance to bring new DeFi products for eGold holders. The Bonded platform is built to make use of algorithmic models to unlock, aggregate, and de-risk capital from untapped digital assets. The collaboration will first focus on making eGold available as a lending and borrowing asset in Bonded Finance’s [...]

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